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The Tōukon Academy is keen to facilitate as much convenience as possible into its timetable, however, with working life as it is, the shift patterns of many professions dictate that at times regular training sessions are hard to make. As such we offer private 1-2-1 coaching opportunities at our full-time venue for those people who’s working life doesn’t permit them to attend regular sessions or indeed those people that prefer to learn in such an environment that offers 100% feedback 100% of the time.

Unlike group classes, in which some students may feel left behind, private lessons allow the instructor to tailor the class exclusively to the individual and his or her ability. For many, busy regular classes can be intimidating. Private lessons allow the student to develop a basic level of skills before attending regular classes, should they so desire.

For those who have never done a martial art before or are out of shape due to hectic work commitments and lifestyle, private lessons offer a controlled and gradual introduction to the art. Prospective students need not be worried about their coordination levels or physical abilities – aspects which could be limiting in a group-class environment. 1-2-1 coaching affords a much more patient and methodical teaching approach that is especially suited to novices.


£ 30
/ Class
£ 50 Two Classes
£ 60 Three Classses


£ 40
/ Class
£ 75 Two Classes
£ 100 Three Classses

Small Groups

£ 50
2-4 People
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What Our Members Are Saying


I have been training with Professor David Webb since 2014, since moving from Roger Gracie Mill Hill due to work commitments. The tutelage on offer is not just world class Jiu Jitsu but his knowledge in anatomy and physiology explains why and how Jiu Jitsu works on the human body. David, having three Black Belts, including one in judo, is an asset when we are learning stand up for a competition, as Jiu Jitsu starts from standing then eventually will go to the ground. The Tōukon Academy students all have an amazing camaraderie from when you enter until the time you leave. Without Jiu Jitsu I would not be as focused as I am today, and having spent 16 years so far in the British Army I am in the best place I have ever been.

Mark Badham

British Army Platoon Commander & Tōukon Academy Purple Belt
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has provided me with an outlet to gain better fitness without having to do the long jogs or forcing myself to be motivated to go to the gym. It enabled me to try something new without even realising I was getting fit! I've found it's given me a healthier lifestyle as the more I've got committed to BJJ, the more it's made me think about what I'm eating and other ways to exercise that will all complement BJJ.

Leon Clarke

Accountant & Tōukon Academy Purple Belt
I started training in BJJ in January 2015 as part of the Tōukon Academy's "Transform your Lifestyle" initiative and it has lived up to its word. My fitness training used to consist of jogging and swimming and now with BJJ my fitness, general well-being and confidence has changed for the better. From the beginning I was welcomed into the class and the training I have received has been excellent. The calm and methodical teaching style breaks down the techniques into manageable chunks. The session then ends with all the chunks being pieced together in a structured sparring session. Also the opportunity to spar with the experienced members of the group has been invaluable to my understanding. The Transform your lifestyle initiative has given me the best start into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I am very grateful.

Steve Doe

Police Sergeant & Tōukon Academy Blue Belt
Jiu-Jitsu has transformed my lifestyle because it puts life in perspective. Every time you roll, you literally put your life in someone else's hands. Every decision you make is theoretically a life and death one. Suddenly, the things that used to stress you out and overwhelm you become 'water off a ducks back' and inconsequential. You gain a confidence and self-assuredness that you would never have thought possible.

Daniel Ip Piang Siong

Serving Barrister & Tōukon Academy Blue Belt
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