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My name is David Webb, I am a first-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a black belt in Judo and a second-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. I’ve have been training martial arts for over 25 years and since 2000 been the head coach of the Tōukon Academy the leading Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Bedfordshire –  I am also a parent to three children.
Since I began coaching children in 1998 I have met some truly incredible children all with their own unique insights on why they began training and subsequent stories of success or failure.
Many children were introduced to me by their parents looking to improve health and fitness, some children lacked focus, attention and concentration at school, a number had self-confidence issues due to experiences associated with school bullies and a portion of those children were statemented and indeed on the ASD spectrum.
Throughout the early days as a coach, I made a tonne of mistakes and lost hundreds of students as a result. Everything I passed on was governed by the various style, organisation and instructor I was affiliated to and thus preferred nostalgia and tradition over functionality. It lacked rationality and logic, which ultimately inhibited a level of humility and integrity – the cornerstones of martial arts practice and personal development.
I now believe, in fact I know, that after all those years of misunderstanding and a lack of guidance I have developed the perfect series of focused strategies and logical methods that are key to providing the perfect martial arts programme dedicated to children. This programme not only addresses my own retrospective inadequacies as a coach but also the failures and misgivings of every other programme currently on offer.
My programme is guaranteed to equip every child with the tools to achieve their full potential and I’d like to share it with you.


In 2009 I began implementing my methods across a wide variety of initiatives, with three tiers of service aimed solely at improving the sector for children; the Tōukon Academy™, Jiu Jitsu in Schools™ and Jiu Jitsu Tots™. I refined and condensed my knowledge and understanding into a focused formula that I now deliver weekly to over 250 children. My formula seeks to create brand new routines for children, habitual patterns that will ultimately transform their life for the better: physically, mentally and emotionally.
My ‘every child matters’ approach brings an individual element to focused time, instilling confidence from accomplishment and a realisation that what I coach works. The language I employ cultivates growth as I remove an environment based on victory or failure, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and are mindful of the effect meticulous hard work can have on matters away from practice.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) acts as many things to many people. A competitive sport with an enormous network of associations stretching across the globe, a mechanism trusted as the world’s #1 form of personal self-defence and an enrichment tool that quite literally transforms lives. Refined across many generations, BJJ, as we have come to understand it, is a complete grappling system that encourages both standing and ground techniques. Derived from traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu and more recently Kodakan Judo, classes are conducted in a Jiu-Jitsu uniform called a kimono. Jiu-Jitsoka are ranked based on their ability to apply technique underpinned by the universal concepts and principles of body mechanics and physics.
BJJ places heavy emphasis on positional strategy; in Jiu-Jitsu, the position you are in relation to your opponent is paramount. The objective is to first establish a position, and then to finish the fight via submission utilising efficient leverage through a joint from either top or bottom positions. Universally, Jiu-Jitsu is considered the #1 martial art for self-defence and is perfect for women and children. Nevertheless, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more than just a sport, more than just a way to stay fit and or defend yourself: it is a lifestyle – a lifestyle that is all encompassing, one you grow into and begin to love in an instant; to understand this, you simple must get your child involved. Here is your chance.


I would like to invite you to enrol your child onto my latest four-week beginners course, try my transformation programme out for yourself.
Considered a ‘Beginners Blueprint’ for children, this course provides a new framework that will help your child acquire the skills associated with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Constantly updated and addressed, this four-week beginners course has provided a rudimentary introduction to over 1500 children across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and North London since its inception at our partnership schools and on the mats of the Tōukon Academy. It’s curriculum(s) are split and age-specific, meaning your child shall be exposed to material most suitable to their development and requirement.
Specifically designed to kick-start your child’s Jiu jItsu journey, they will be coached through a series of fundamental principles, concepts and techniques that underpin the world’s #1 martial art for children.
Here’s some of what they will learn:
  • Handling stand up aggression.
  • The importance of a strong base.
  • Safe and effective falling techniques.
  • Valid & functional self-defence techniques.
  • An understanding of all major positions and their functions.
  • Defending from your back against a standing opponent.
  • Applicable drills to escape the grounded position.
Commencing Tuesday 11th September 2018 and costing only £30.00 your child will receive a free Jiu Jitsu Gi & belt plus, four-weeks of black belt tuition. Enrolment enables attendance to classes across my academy’s entire timetable of classes, each one specific in age distinction (juniors: 6-8 years or youth: 9-13 years) and all classes are held at my full-time location in Bedford: the Tōukon Academy, Meadow Lane, Bedford MK44 3LW



I have been actively involved and training martial arts for over twenty-five years and coaching children since 1998. I am currently the largest provider of functional martial arts for children in Bedfordshire and provide the largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu driven school-club link in the UK. My training programs consistently create smart, happy, confident children, children that did not start this way. Over the years I have transformed children struggling with academia; many that had no attention, focus or concentration, children who had become introverted and unhappy for one reason or another, youngsters statemented and placed on the ASD spectrum and children who had no self-confidence after experiences with play-ground bullies. With all this in mind and provided your child is committed wholeheartedly to investing effort I will transform your child.


What kind of results?
Real results that relate directly to your your child’s personal goals and to you as a responsible parent, whether they involve health and fitness, self-confidence, self-defence or simply having fun. With a junior student base of over one hundred and fifty children, my academy furthers a tremendous opportunity for these results, affording a distinct capacity to access the UK’s vast network of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championships and a potential to compete regionally, nationally and internationally. Indeed, the Tōukon Academy currently boasts English, British, Junior National and European Junior champions as part of its junior cohort and on Saturday 21 July 2018 we produced our very first Junior World Champion!
I will ultimately transform your child!


Simply click the button below and enrol. Once registered, you will receive confirmation of your child’s place and guided through the process of learning and transformation from start to finish.