So 2019 has arrived.
Did you check your social media this morning?

Many New Year resolutions pop up?

What's yours and how long are you going to stick at it?

Hang on! Resolutions are supposed to be 'resolute' right...
I guarantee most of what you have read this morning will have fallen apart by mid-February, at best.

So what can you do to ensure your plans don't fall apart?

First, however large or small your goal is, it will always fail unless it's translated into a habit and second, you need to create an environment for that habit to grow - deliberate routines to cultivate deliberate progress.

Focus your intent on the routine not the optimization, develop the process, not the outcome. All the value and your long-term gains come from building this routine - small habits create bigger and better habits and mitigate any procrastination because once a habit is formed, it's very hard to shift.

Want to get ahead of the day and go for a run every morning from 6am?
  • Start getting up at 6am first.
  • Start leaving your running kit and shoes out over night.
  • Find a running buddy that you'll let down if you don't stick to it.

These are the small contractual obligations you'll begin to make with yourself that over the course of a week will become a habit and second nature.

Looking to add some strength & conditioning to your routine?
  • Find a training partner with the same aspiration.
  • Incorporate the most basic compound movements possible.
  • Substitute one technique class, remove the burden of over training.

Sharing the birth of a habit helps its consistent nature, compound movements provide the best return on your efforts plus, if you're new to strength and conditioning you will need to develop your general physical preparedness as well as the habit of lifting the weights. Finally, in order to mitigate burnout from adding yet more workloads to an already busy, committed schedule, try to incorporate the new process into a space already occupied by a habit of being out of the house.

Injecting extremes into life usually ensure failure in short order.

Small, incremental habits on the other hand, facilitate the workload you are looking to embark upon and achieve, which ultimately decide whether you stick to your goal or fall down considerably far from where your intention was set.

Get to it and Happy New Year guys!